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Mostly known for my role as past Shadow Priest in WoW (World of Warcraft), this site was created to keep up with me, Justin Bailey (Turd Ferguson/Archetype). To keep up to speed with what I'm doing mostly within the gaming world, but also a very frequent fan and attendee to Conseco Fieldhouse, home of the Indiana Pacers, yeah I said it.


I will also include other types of my interests such as other games, music, movies, and sports, within the site and information included.



Nitemare Cinema

This site layout is a throwback to the old site design for the infamous guild "Nitemare Cinema" ( ) for obvious reasons. Nitemare Cinema played a great deal into my progression within the game and class knowledge. MORE info on the Arch-Files page.



Yeah Dude...

"I mean, yeah dude."

"What the hell Turd."

" I mean, keep me up!"

 "Good, good, more for me and you."


Behind The Archetype

I like to play video games. Alot. Yes. Yes I do. My favorite game is, yes you guessed it, WoW. I'm also an avid Xbox 360 gamer. With console I currently stick closely to Gears of War, Call of Duty, NBA 2K11, and Quake. I'm a big movie fan. Mostly comedy, but I could go for some horror. Music is key to my life. --->Metal/Rock/Alternative<---

 Band Specifics: As I Lay Dying, Breaking Benjamin, Unearth, Seether, A Day To Remember,  Three Days Grace, Trivium, Anterior, Cage The Elephant, Norma Jean, MushroomHead, and way too many more to list.


Movie Specifics: Waiting, Grandma's Boy, Wedding Crashers, Still Waiting, Stepbrothers, Austin Powers 1-3,  Zack and Mirri, Semi-Pro, Gangs of New York, 40-year-old virgin, Knocked Up, etc.

 That's all you need to know about me. And I like beer.

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Got any Questions or whatever for me, you know what to do.

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